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Please see Exetel Website for product details

Other Exetel options are available.

Please use the agent code of "V007" for any orders of Exetel product.
It is best to use the signup links where available.

Using our agent code correctly with Exetel orders will allow us to provide extra support options
(to help make things easier for you)

It is very important that you DO NOT include any other referral information as it will conflict.

Ordinarily, for any DSL product, your telephone service must be using Telstra copper and be a standard PSTN line; - however, whom actually bills for your phone service is less critical.

You may be able to get an Exetel ADSL2+ product on Optus owned cabling, but this is rare....

Exetel Availiblity Check

ADSL2+ Product Availability Checks


(Phone available via VoIP if required.)
Naked options elsewhere may offer significantly less than the options available here....

Other Providers:

[ TPG ]

[ Internode ] [ Dodo ]
Unlimited Plans / No Shaping

Line Filters / Accessories

We believe that one of the above listed providers should cover the needs of most users
(personal or business).

Please contact us if you are unsure as to which provider would best suit your own needs.

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